Exclusive: Meet The Cast Of Louise Weard's New Six Hour Epic

The as-of-now untitled project is promised to be a 'DIY exploitation movie full of sex and violence.'

By Amber T · @hornbloodfire · May 24, 2023, 1:24 PM EDT

Louise Weard, one of the minds behind 2014’s bizarre body horror Computer Hearts, is back with an new project described as a ‘trans girl exploitation movie full of sex and violence filtered through a DIY underground aesthetic.’

Currently titled Untitled Louise Weard Castration Movie, the film is a massive 6.5 hour epic that’s promised to be ‘unlike anything you've seen before’ (and we don’t doubt it!)

The film stars Weard in her first role since starring in her debut Computer Hearts nearly a decade ago. Joining Weard are Vera Drew (The People's Joker), Avalon Fast (Honeycomb) and So Vam’s Alice Maio Mackay, the latter two featuring in their acting debuts. Rounding out the cast are Noah Baker, Jasmine Provins, and the Canadian indie music duo Froggyworm.

Untitled Louise Weard Castration Movie is a full length version of her short S.I.D.S., and follows:

A trans woman named Michaela "Traps" Sinclair, a sex worker in Vancouver who splits her time between seeing clients and hanging out with her group of trans friends. As the weight of the world piles up on her she decides to reclaim some sense of control by seeking out a back alley orchiectomy. 

Weard’s project is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, and you can follow Louise’s social media to keep up to date with the progress on Untitled Louise Weard Castration Movie!