We're CUCKOO For Hunter Schafer! First Look At Tilman Singer's Latest

NEON's new horror film starring Hunter Schafer, Dan Stevens, and Jessica Henwick just wrapped principal photography and we have some sweet deets.

By Angel Melanson · @HorrorGirlProbs · July 8, 2022, 11:24 AM PDT
Image courtesy of NEON / Photography by Felix Dickinson of Studio AAA

NEON's new horror film is currently in post-production, slated for a 2023 release. Plot details are still tightly under wraps, but here's what we know about the project so far. Cuckoo is written and directed by Tilman Singer, the mind behind 2018's Luz. Cuckoo is the German filmmaker's sophomore feature and stars Euphoria's Hunter Schafer. Along with Schafer, the cast also includes Dan Stevens, Jessica Henwick, Marton Csókás, and Greta Fernández. 

CUCKOO_NEON_Gretchen_June 8_Felix_First Look

This first look image of Hunter hiding out from what appears to be a kindly elderly woman... Hang on... enhance. Enhance! Ok, on second look there's something a little spooky going on with the eyes there. To borrow from our girl Rosemary, "What have you done to its eyes!?"

Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 11.09.13 AM

Hunter, get out of there! They haven't given us much, but this little teaser image looks dreadfully fun and has successfully made us thirsty for more. Much of the Luz family is returning for Singer's second feature, reuniting the writer/director with Luz star Jan Bluthardt, as well as cinematographer Paul Faltz, production designer Dario Mendez Acosta, composer Simon Waskow, and sound designer Henning Hein.

For now, take a look at the trailer for Singer's feature directorial debut, Luz. Dripping with ominous, spooky atmosphere and supernatural elements at play, maybe it gives a little insight into the tone we can expect from Cuckoo. NEON backing Singer's latest project will hopefully garner some retroactive love for Luz as well! And that's always a fantastic thing.

Luz is now streaming on Shudder, click below for your introduction (or to revisit) Tilman Singer's world.