Convo X Fango: A FANGORIA Conversation Series

On some of the fun stuff we're doing 'round these parts.

By Jessica Safavimehr · @jsafavimehr · March 28, 2021, 2:50 PM EDT
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Convo X Fango, a FANGORIA video series.

In October 2020, FANGORIA established a fun and insightful video series by the name of Convo X Fango. Each conversation hosts a panel of industry experts discussing upcoming releases and the ins and outs of production. FANGORIA hosted ten panels in 2020, and we're continuing thoughtful and expansive discussions throughout 2021 and beyond.

Previous panel discussions cover production design, directing, screenwriting and horror literature. FANGORIA teamed up with the filmmakers and crew behind feature productions like Deathcember, Monster Hunter and The Wolf of Snow Hollow. With this series, we're focused on sharing behind-the-scenes tips on filmmaking and helping to spread the word about current directors' and producers' horror influences.

Our conversation on Freaky, hosted by teen correspondent Gory Cory, highlights modern teen slashers and the next generation of genre. We also enjoy sharing the classics, and our convo with Andre Gower from Wolfman's Got Nards hit straight to the heart, detailing Andre's experiences working on the beloved '80s horror comedy The Monster Squad. To continue the classics chat, our Editor-In-Chief Phil Nobile Jr. spoke with In Search of Darkness Part II director David Weiner about the glory of '80s horror.

At FANGORIA, we also attempt to spotlight deeper subject matter, opening the floor to honest discussion. In February of 2021, we hosted Convo X Fango: Beyond Horror Noire: Black Horror Today (And Tomorrow). Writers Tananarive Due, Ashlee Blackwell and Anya Stanley spoke with host Ivotres Littles about Black horror and its place in past, present and future spaces. FANGORIA got honest about mental health with the Community Conversation in partnership with The David Lynch Foundation LA. Panelists shared their experiences regarding meditation and its healing effects on stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

As we move further into 2021, FANGORIA hopes to continue to provide an outlet for filmmakers to share their craft, as well as examine those wider conversations that exist around living in the world today. To learn more or catch up on previous conversations, subscribe to FANGORIA's YouTube channel HERE.