Calling All Small Town Weirdos!

Designer Adam Bucci celebrates Pride with a new collection and a horror-themed photoshoot!

By Angel Melanson · @HorrorGirlProbs · June 16, 2022, 1:01 PM EDT
Small Town Weirdo

Adam Bucci is an actor and producer that began his Small Town Weirdo journey during the start of the pandemic when everything shut down.  He returned to his visual art roots and was quickly noticed for his hand-painted designs on denim. Scream actors Melissa Barrera and Jack Quaid each have a custom Ghostface jacket of their own.  

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That kind of social media exposure helped Adam and his husband, Adam Huss, officially make Small Town Weirdo a business. When Adam's painted Final Girl and Boy jackets started to garner a lot of attention, he wanted to offer them at a lower price point, so he decided to have the designs screen printed onto shirts. Judy Greer purchased three shirts from Adam and gifted them to the ladies of Halloween. Fast forward several weeks later to find Jamie Lee Curtis on Instagram, wearing her final girl crop top on the set of Halloween Ends.


Photo from Jamie Lee Curtis' Instagram

At this point, Adam decided to take take the design further by creating a Pride Edition of the final girl and boy shirts. Adam cites horror's deep roots in queerness and as a queer artist himself, knew there was a massive love and appreciation for horror in the LGBTQ world.  Rooting for the underdog, the misfits, the outcasts in horror films is something that the LGBTQ community can relate to. Adam wanted to honor a love of '80s horror and celebrate pride with this epic photoshoot.


Bucci says, "Although the genre is my favorite, Small Town Weirdo isn’t just about horror, it’s about expression.  I like to celebrate the underdog, the superhero, the final girls and boys. To me, 'Weirdo' embraces one’s creativity, one’s otherness. I want people to feel cool to be a weirdo.” We couldn't agree more, Adam!

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Photographers: Jeff Lorch & Marcus Henderson
Makeup: Mckenzie Kelly