Editor’s Note: This was originally published for FANGORIA on February 23, 2016, and we’re proud to share it as part of The Gingold Files.

When the remake of Cabin Fever hit theaters and VOD, it did so without bearing the names of the people behind one of its most creditable elements: the grisly makeup FX. Giving recognition where it’s due, we’ve got a few words from the head of that team and the full lineup (including an Oscar winner), plus exclusive pics of their work.

The ravages of Cabin Fever’s flesheating virus and other gore work were provided by Ravenous Studios, with Christina Kortum serving as special makeup FX supervisor. “Cabin Fever was a challenging shoot,” she tells Fango. “I was initially brought on to supervise by [director] Travis Z, whom I had worked with on other productions. The location was an hour and a half from town with no cell service, and the constant schedule changes made it a tough one to not only staff, but to get the props and makeups built in time. We also lost several crew along the way to illness, personal tragedy and larger productions. The final ragtag crew had a lot of heart.”

Among the contributors to Cabin Fever were no less than Chris Walas, who nabbed an Academy Award for his work on David Cronenberg’s The Fly and provided the “Pancakes” prop. The rest of the team were:

Morgan Muta
Michael Pearce
Christina Kortum

Special makeup FX artists:
Eva Lohse
Kameron Gates
Ebonee Atkins
Cameron Marble
Eli Dorsey

Blood cannons:
Ira Kortum

Kai Shelton

Cabin Fever '16 FX photo 1

Cabin Fever '16 FX photo 2

Cabin Fever '16 FX photo 3

Cabin Fever '16 FX photo 4

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