Bright Light Bright Light "Down To One" Music Video Serves Dinner And Kills

A little murder on the menu, paying homage to some campy cult classics.

By Angel Melanson · @HorrorGirlProbs · October 13, 2023, 9:05 AM EDT
Bright Light Bright Light Down To One

Happy Friday the 13th, Fangorians! Bright Light Bright Light (Welshman now New Yorker Rod Thomas) is celebrating the occasion with a brand new music video for "Down To One." Created in collaboration with fellow horror creators Tyler Jensen / Typical Films(Scream, Queen! My Nightmare On Elm Street) and Monster Makeup (Death Drop Gorgeous / Saint Drogo), we think you creeps will dig this one.

The song is inspired by a love for Giallo, the ever fashionable Blood & Black Lace, So Sweet, So Perverse, and Death Walks On High Heels in particular. Who doesn't love high fashion set against the backdrop of lust, betrayal, obsession and exquisite interiors? Diving into their mutual love of Giallo and '80s low budget horror comedy, the "Down To One" team created a loving homage to some of their favorites. And now, we'd like to cordially invite you to a countryside house for a dinner party where everything goes wrong ... or does it?!

Strap in for three minutes and twenty-five seconds of "a haunted house style journey through the song's lyrics, paying particular homage to Blood And Black Lace, Clue, April Fool's Day (one of Rod's all time personal favourites) and Happy Birthday To Me. Bright Light Bright Light has wanted to make a horror-themed video for some time now, "I spend most of my time listening to horror scores and watching horror films - maybe not obvious by my general colour scheme and pop music - so making a horror themed video has been a life goal. The horror fan in me is screaming (delivery: think BASTARD! In Pieces but like in a happy way) that FANGORIA are sharing the video. Could not be a better gift on a Friday the 13th!" We couldn't agree more!


Tyler Jensen knew we were all in for something special when a certain iconic wig showed up on set, "A Joint Slay - that's how I'm pitching it. Having just snuck a not-so-subtle Scream 2 homage in our last video together (Cry At Films) I knew Bright Light Bright Light and Angelica Christina would be down to go full horror for our next creation. Adding to our ghoulish group, I really wanted to work with the Monster Makeup crew again after a guest stint directing a scene in their fabulous and disgusting new film 'Saint Drogo' and that is how this Murder Mansion story developed. Once I saw the wig Ninny had brought for the shoot (the iconic image of a noose braid from the April Fool's Day poster) I knew we were going to make something really special. My Scream, Queen! co-director, Roman Chimienti, brought all the madness together with a deliciously sinister sound design that made the whole project sing!" 

The Death Drop Gorgeous and Saint Drogo cast reunite for the ensemble, alongside Rod and fabulous NYC based trans actress Angelica Christina (Pose), adding to a long line of collaboration between Bright Light Bright Light and Typical films, after their work together for 2020's Fun City album, and serves as the first official video for Bright Light Bright Light's forthcoming fifth studio album. The video is accompanied by a special remix EP which includes a drastic re-working of the song into the style of a Giallo theme. Both are released on Friday 13th.

And now, may we present Bright Light Bright Light's "Down To One."

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