Warning: The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula spoilers ahead!

Dragula has returned, and that means we’re back with our weekly chats, summoning the latest monster eliminated from the competition. This time, we’re resurrecting the fifth monster to be banished by the Boulets — Anna Phylactic. The Monsters of Rock challenge is notorious for holding the top spot as a competition favorite while also being one of the biggest challenges (often with the most drama). This season, the notorious challenge claimed not one but two victims! The Boulets shook it up a bit and eliminated a contestant before the battle of the bands even began, followed by the usual post-battle of the bands elimination.

We’ve summoned Anna Phylactic from the depths of rock ‘n roll hell to chat about the look, her performance, what it’s like to be covered in rats, and getting a tramp stamp as a forever souvenir. Enjoy our full, spoiler-filled interview below!

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