Xenomorph Cat-eye Sunglasses for La Femme en Noir.

Happy Alien Day to all who observe! What’s Alien Day, you ask? It’s celebrated every year on April 26, in honor of LV-426 (or Acheron), one of the first planetoids to be infested by Xenomorphs in the Alien universe and the setting of the film Alien. I observe it, because in this household we respect made-up holidays ceremonializing stuff we actually care about (versus, like, Valentine’s Day), and this incredible, officially licensed new line by premier gothic clothing house La Femme en Noir, headed by designers and co-founders Lynh Haaga and Micheline Pitt, is a great way to tell the world that you observe it, too.

From the press release:

Launching today at LaFemmeEnNoir.net, the avant-garde and fashion-forward “Alien Day” collection of unisex eyewear, bomber jackets, and t-shirts. The collection also includes dresses and separates specifically geared towards female fandom while still being accessible to all genders and celebrating all identities and body types.

La Femme en Noir is a private female-owned POC slow fashion house that is entering the world of major studio licensing, and the first to launch a line of clothing and accessories geared towards women for a franchise built upon the character of Ripley, arguably the greatest feminine hero in sci-fi history.

“Like many girls who grew up watching ALIEN, we idolized Ripley, she was this powerhouse female character who broke the mold of who and what woman could be in film,” says La Femme en Noir co-founder and designer Micheline Pitt. “I was always so enamored by the set design and creatures in ALIEN. There is something truly sophisticated about the world of this film. The attention to detail is something that has become iconic in all of Ridley Scott’s filmmaking. As a female fan I rarely had any merchandise to wear to celebrate my fandom of this film, so with this collection we wanted to honor that incredible detailed design of the Xenomorph itself, while creating a line that catered to a multitude of fans, not just female fans, but all gendered fans of this incredible franchise.”

“We wanted to bring a femme-centric collection to the ALIEN brand, especially considering that the franchise features such a cool and capable lead in Ripley,” says La Femme en Noir co-founder and designer Lynh Haaga. “The character’s strength and fortitude throughout the series was an inspiration for us as young movie viewers and continues to be so as the designers of this collection. The ALIEN franchise was a new and exciting take on sci-fi, horror and cinema in general. We wanted to follow suit by offering the kinds of clothes and accessories that married the two genres together the same way the film did so perfectly. We are thrilled and excited to be a part of this innovative and classic series.”

Among the line, fans will find the first ever Alien Day offerings with designs incorporating iconic ALIEN conceptual art.

So let’s take a look at some of the designs! Very into all of this.








Check out pricing, see more images and designs and get YOUR Alien Day gear from La Femme en Noir.

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