The main portion of the 2023 FANGORIA Chainsaw Awards has come to an end, but we just had to sneak one more new category in there. Each year, a slew of Amityville movies blesses our screens, this year we decided to celebrate the Best Amityville of 2022. Check out the nominees below and vote for your favorite before midnight EST, March 3.



    A bit of holiday rom-com meets Amityville magic. "Wally wins a trip to Amityville and his antics lead to a ghost falling in love with him. Can the spirit of Christmas bring them together?"


    Every franchise finds itself in space at one point or another. 2022 is that point for Amityville. "The curse of the infamously haunted murder house is exorcized from Earth and the ultimate battle against Amityville’s evil moves to outer space."


    Probably lots of yelling, and definitely a signature haircut. "Every neighborhood has a 'Karen,' and Amityville proves no exception when an entitled white woman’s demonic possession turns her into a killer."


    The first installment centers on a summer camp about to open to unwitting guests, naturally, there is something evil lurking on the land. The sequel picks up "A year after the events of the first movie, the survivors are about to reopen the camp but all is not what it seems as something sinister lurks."


    This one is giving a touch of Return of the Living Dead vibes on account of acid rain and re-animated dead stalking the streets. "A police sergeant and a fellow officer struggle to survive when a storm of acid rain that melts human flesh begins to reanimate the newly dead."

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