DON'T BREATHE 2: Get Ready To Root For The Bad Guy

The Blind Man hammers out sequel details.

By Phil Nobile Jr. · @philnobilejr · May 4, 2021, 10:57 AM EDT
Stephen Lang in DON'T BREATHE.

There's something so perversely retro about making Stephen Lang's Norman Nordstrom the hero of Don't Breathe 2, but "perverse" has been part of this property's DNA since, oh, about an hour and change into the original, so why not?

As USA Today shares the above image, our pals at Bloody Disgusting remind us that Lang's sightless villain, now living in isolation raising a young orphan girl, is moved to action when the girl is kidnapped and he must rescue her.

Okay, sure, turn this franchise into horror Taken, we're down. Don't Breathe 2 opens August 13th.