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Witness The Return Of Jigsaw In The First SAW X Poster

Lionsgate is bringing back Tobin Bell’s Jigsaw for another twisted cinematic game in September.

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Want To Play A Game? Tobin Bell Returns As Jigsaw For SAW: THE EXPERIENCE

Lionsgate and The Path have partnered to bring SAW to life for a new immersive experience, with the help of John Kramer himself.


SAW 10 Officially Hits Theaters In Time For Halloween 2023

Lionsgate has announced that SAW 10 is coming our way, with franchise veteran Kevin Greutert returning to the director's chair.


SAW 9-Film Collection Now Available At Walmart, Check Out The Artwork

Artist Orlando Arocena has revealed his artwork for Walmart’s exclusive SAW collection, bringing together all nine movies in one convenient package.

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The Horrors Of Capitalism In SQUID GAME And Beyond

If the killer doesn't get you, capitalism may.


How SAW Became A Generation’s Halloween Tradition

It's just not spooky season without SAW.

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The SAW Films Don't Play Fair, And That's Why We Love Them

An ode to the franchise's punishing sense of melodrama and labyrinthine rug pulls.

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Further Down The SPIRAL: An Interview With SAW Composer Charlie Clouser

The culmination of our two-part interview with the composer.

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The Sound Of Violence: An Interview With SAW Composer Charlie Clouser

The composer talks his process, working with NIN, the first time he saw SAW and more.

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Watch The Opening Scene Of SPIRAL: FROM THE BOOK OF SAW Now!

It is, as you might guess, pretty gnarly.

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SAW And AMERICAN PSYCHO Heading To Small Screen

Lionsgate's making a lot of dreams come true.


SAW X, You Say? A Tenth Film Of The Franchise Is In Development

We love a round number round here.

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Peep A Page FROM THE BOOK OF SAW With This SPIRAL Trailer

We're finally gonna get to see SAW.


Review: SAW

An archive review from The Gingold Files.