BEAU IS AFRAID In New Preview Of Ari Aster’s Latest Movie

The director of HEREDITARY and MIDSOMMAR is back for more in April.

Beau is Afraid

Ari Aster's Depraved BEAU IS AFRAID Trailer Is Here

We're having trouble differentiating between reality and fantasy and it looks EPIC.

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Welcome To PEARL'S PEEP SHOW: A24 Has Curated A Collection Of Vintage Adult Movies For Your Viewing Pleasure

"Is it legal?" "It will be."


Slash By Slash: How Mia Goth's Pearl Stacks Up Against Other Slasher Debuts

In honor of PEARL releasing in theaters, we're looking at X and other first entries in slasher franchises to see how the kill counts stack up.


A24's A DIFFERENT MAN Gives Us A Very Different Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan has revealed a rather shocking first-look at his character in A DIFFERENT MAN from director Aaron Schimberg.


Terrible, Awful, Murderous Things In Ti West's PEARL Trailer

She wants to be loved by you.


Everybody's A Suspect! In The New BODIES BODIES BODIES Trailer

We've got plot details!

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Get Your Eyes Eyes Eyes On This BODIES BODIES BODIES Poster

Lee Pace and an unsafe space.


We've Got The Trailer Trailer Trailer For A24's BODIES BODIES BODIES

Party games and maybe a little bit of murder.


Enjoy X At Home! Coming To Blu-ray And DVD

Ti West's X hits Blu-ray and DVD May 24th.

Men_05310_First Still.jpg

It's The Terrifying Trailer For MEN, Hallelujah

Watch the trailer for the upcoming A24 project from writer-director Alex Garland. Shit gets weird.