You Can Watch RENFIELD And THE POPE'S EXORCIST On Your Couch Tomorrow

Can't make it to a theater? Thank the Dark Lord for PVOD.

By FANGORIA Staff · May 1, 2023, 7:50 AM PDT

When it comes to seeing new movies, going to an actual theater and seeing the latest horror offering with a crowd remains our preferred option here at FANGORIA HQ, but we also realize that some folks either A) are simply too damn busy to get to a theater every weekend and/or B) might still feel uncomfortable catching a new movie in a packed theater.

For those folks, PVOD seems to be the next-best option ... and this week, they've got a couple solid titles to choose from.

Both Chris McKay's Renfield and Julius Avery's The Pope's Exorcist are hitting PVOD tomorrow, with both titles priced at $24.99/ea. Only you know which one you wanna see more (or haven't seen already), but of course anyone working with a generous budget might also wish to make their own double-feature. Sure, these two films have very little in common (for instance, only The Pope's Exorcist features Russell Crowe riding on a little scooter), but why not treat yourself? You've earned it.


Just as a reminder: Renfield is a horror comedy starring Niclolas Hoult, Nic Cage, and Awkwafina. Hoult's in the titular role, trying to break free of the toxic relationship he's former with his master, Cage's Dracula, over the past century. The Pope's Exorcist, meanwhile, stars Russell Crowe as (you guessed it) the Holy See's go-to exorcist getting mixed up in a case involving a possessed child and a Vatican-based conspiracy. It also features the aforementioned scooter.

Stay tuned for more streaming horror movie recommendations as they roll in. Plenty more where this came from!