WHEN EVIL LURKS Director Demián Rugna On Killer Kids And Carnage

We sat down with the TERRIFIED director at Fantastic Fest ahead of his limited theatrical release.

By Angel Melanson · @HorrorGirlProbs · October 6, 2023, 5:17 PM EDT

Demián Rugna's When Evil Lurks was one of our top picks out of Fantastic Fest. Artfully ominous, the Terrified director takes dread to a new level, and the audience was in the palm of his hand for the duration. Rugna finds something ominous and unsettling in children and ensures we see it, too. We caught up with Rugna after his Fantastic Fest screening to discuss killing kids on screen, his sneaking suspicion that parents might hate him, and who would win in a showdown of cinematic evil kids.

The story centers on a dad doing everything he can to save his family from an evil seeping through the town. Here's the official synopsis: “The residents of a small rural town discover that a demon is about to be born among them. They desperately try to escape before the evil is born, but it may be too late.”

When Evil Lurks is now in theaters for a limited theatrical release, so get your butts in those seats to show the box office that indie horror is booming! And you can watch it at home on Shudder starting October 27. Check out our full interview below.