t’s official: These weeks have blended, and I have run out of things to watch. Impossible, maybe, but my Shudder list is clear, my Prime Video and Netflix queues are empty, and that unopened stack of Blu-rays is, well, no longer unopened.

Right in time, though, our friends at Arrow Video (responsible for probably half of that aforementioned stack of Blu-rays) sent through their streaming plans for June, all surrounding their killer app, the ARROW VIDEO CHANNEL, now available on Apple TV.

In their own words, the channel features the “cutting-edge cult” that we associate the label with, which has been curated carefully by members of the Arrow team. Any genre you crave is lurking in the app’s seemingly endless catalog, with Craven, Romero, Miike and so many more, all making appearances.

June is bringing additional heat to the platform, though, and, new to streaming is some exciting stuff, including:

The Woman – Lucky McKee’s 2011 gem, streaming in 4K

Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway – which has been “guaranteed to blow your mind with a heady mix of Afro-futurism, Cold War paranoia and kung-fu”

Dream Demon; Bloodtide –Sea Monsters, James Earl Jones (and VFW’s Martin Kove!)

White Fire

The Stuff – the classic from Larry Cohen that will have you eating dessert differently

It’s a lot of crazy titles and can feel overwhelming, so they have helpfully broken parts of their catalog into “seasons.” There is a “Mind Melters” category (where you can find, for instance, Society and Basket Case) and an “Effed Up Families” collection (with Blood RageDream No EvilThe Child and We Are the Flesh).

And so, armed with their new 30-day free trial of the channel (see the end of the article to click through to that limited-time deal), I plunged in and was just blown away. Yes, they have classics like Re-AnimatorElvira: Mistress of the Dark and the first two Hellraisers. Still, they also are home to a ton of Japanese classics so you can stop lying to your friends that you have seen them (Lady Snowblood is here, Tarantino fans) and an insane amount of European genre flicks.

But the “Arrow Video Stories” section really caught my eye. I love the care that Arrow puts into their physical releases, so it is great to see that the documentaries and special features that are on these releases’ discs are also replicated (or even enhanced) on the channel. I highly recommend “Ties That Bind” (a killer Audition documentary) and the Makings of House and House II to finish off your re-watches.

Start with that 4K remastering of Lucky McKee’s The Woman (afterward, listen to the Shock Waves gang interview McKee, himself) and then work yourself down the list. And, suddenly, my quarantine watch list is looking a lot fuller.

Your 30-day free trial can start at any time, by just checking out Arrow Video Channel on Apple TV: http://apple.co/arrowvideo

Brandon Wainerdi is the VP of Marketing at FANGORIA.