Watch The New Trailer For NIGHTBOOKS, From BRIGHTBURN Director David Yarovesky

Sam Raimi producing new gateway horror for Netflix and we are here for it.

By FANGORIA Staff · August 19, 2021, 1:58 PM PDT

"Is there any reason I should let you live?"

"I write scary stories..."

"I'm going to need a scary story every night. Or it's the last thing you'll ever do."

Like the inverted, spooky Scheherazade of our dreams... or nightmares depending on who you ask! Sam Raimi teams up with Brightburn's David Yarovesky to bring us what looks to be a super fun gateway horror. The official trailer for NIGHTBOOKS dropped today and it looks all sorts of magical. Krysten Ritter plays an evil witch who traps a young boy (Alex, played by Winslow Fegley) in her enchanted apartment. In order to stay alive, Alex must tell the witch a scary story every night. Within the apartment, he meets Yasmin (Lidya Jewett), another prisoner, and they work together to find a way to escape. The movie is based on the book by J.A. White, check out the full trailer below.

Nightbooks is streaming only on Netlfix, September 15, 2021.