This is adorable AND horrifying!

By Scott Wampler · @ScottWamplerBMD · March 15, 2023, 12:54 PM EDT

Greetings, fellow Resident Evil 4 nerds. Wanna see something fun?

Yes, that's the intro to classic horror game Resident Evil 4 (which, as you surely know by now, will be back in stores in the form of a gorgeous remake on March 24th) re-rendered in LEGO, and it pleads a very strong case for the LEGO game franchise to step away from the Star Wars and Harry Potter stuff to deliver something a bit ... scarier. Created by animator Cara Aleatorio, the clip made its way to Kotaku earlier today, and I was so delighted by it that I simply had to share it with the FANGORIA crowd.

Wondering how it was created? Says Kotaku:

"...according to Aleatorio, this was actually created digitally in Blender. They say it took about two months and 3000 images to create the short four-minute video. And at the very end of the short, you can spot some behind-the-scenes footage of them manually animating this awesome Lego recreation."

Pretty impressive! Gotta admit, on first viewing I thought Aleatorio may have employed stop-motion here (look at the imperfections on some of the bricks and pieces!), but this is even more impressive. Rewatching this got me excited all over again to playing the forthcoming remake, and if I have any note to offer here it's that I wish the clip had gone on long enough to include the chainsaw-wielding Dr. Salvador. Well done, Cara!