You Can Read Vol. 1 Issue 25 Of FANGORIA Now!

VIDEODROME, THE HUNGER, Tom Savini and more!

By FANGORIA Staff · August 17, 2021, 11:22 AM PDT
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Every Tuesday, we have a very special treat for you readers – we're publishing, in its entirety, a new issue of FANGORIA's original run. As of last week, we had Issues 1-24 of Volume 1 published, and today we're thrilled to publish Vol. 1 Issue 25, originally printed in February 1983.


  • David Cronenberg on Videodrome
  • Tom Savini after Creepshow
  • An interview with Whitley Streiber, author of The Wolfen and The Hunger
  • And more!

Read the whole issue HERE.