THE LAST OF US Will Hit Blu-ray And 4K UHD This Summer

Make Joel and Ellie part of YOUR family this July.

By FANGORIA Staff · March 15, 2023, 11:09 AM EDT

NOTE: This post will not contain spoilers for the first season finale of The Last of Us.

Just this past weekend, HBO's The Last of Us wrapped its first season with a finale that did just about everything it needed to in order to please fans of the 2013 video game on which it was based. We'll not get into the specifics here - maybe some of you haven't seen it yet! - but those who watched seem satisfied. They stuck the landing! Woo-hoo!

So, what happens next? Well, we know a second season's already been greenlit, and we know that virtually everyone who survived season one will be back for that. We know show creators Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin will still be steering the ship. We know it's gonna be a minute before we actually get to see it, given that haven't even announced a start date for the filming of season two. Oh, and we know that The Last of Us Part II will be spread out over two seasons, which means we're all but guaranteed to see an eventual season three.

All very good news! But what about a physical media release? Until now, there's been no word on when (or even if) such a thing might happen, but today brings an update (via Bloody Disgusting):

The first season of HBO’s The Last of Us adaptation will see a physical release on July 17, with preorders already live on Amazon UK. In addition to the standard releases, there will also be a 4K Steelbook version that sports some sweet-looking clicker artwork. No word on if the Steelbook is exclusive to Amazon, or whether North American fans will be able to snag it.

That's right - these pre-orders are not currently available via Amazon stateside, but can be placed via Amazon UK. Curiously enough, Bloody Disgusting notes that both the Blu-ray and 4K UHD versions available on Amazon UK will be region-free. Do with that information what you will!

In addition to nine episodes of excellent television, these sets are also jam-packed with featurettes, as listed below (hat tip to the good folks over at Video Games Chronicle for compiling these):

  • The Last of Us: Stranger Than Fiction (New Featurette Exclusive to 4K, BD and DVD) – Series cast and filmmakers are joined by experts in survival, microbiology, and parasitology for a chilling discussion on the realities of the invasive fungus and subsequent apocalypse in The Last of Us.
  • Controllers Down: Adapting The Last of Us (New Featurette Exclusive to 4K, BD and DVD) – Follow the journey of The Last of Us from console to screen as cast and filmmakers take us inside the process of expanding the world and breathing new life into the game’s beloved characters.
  • From Levels to Live Action (New Featurette Exclusive to 4K, BD and DVD) – Discover how The Last of Us incorporated and expanded fan-favorite game moments in the series.
  • Getting to Know Me (4 Featurettes)
  • The Last Debrief with Troy Baker (2 Featurettes)
  • Inside the Episode (9 Featurettes)
  • Is This a The Last of Us Line? (2 Featurettes)

Of course The Last of Us will still be available to watch via HBO Max streaming, but those of us who harbor an ongoing distrust of anything remaining a permanent part of any streaming network will likely wanna go the physical route on this one, just as a ... y'know, as a precautionary measure. Couldn't hurt!

Nothing further to report on The Last of Us at this time, but we'll keep you informed as further updates roll in. Stay tuned, everyone!