The Gingold Files: August 22, 2022

We've reached deep into our archives to uncover the long lost work of a FANGORIA legend.

By Michael Gingold · August 22, 2022, 9:32 PM EDT

Welcome to The Gingold Files, featuring my past reviews and articles for that are celebrating "anniversaries" this week, but have long been lost in cyberspace. This week, we've got reviews of the slasher films The Burning, X-Ray and Schizoid on Blu-ray, The Final Destination and others, plus interviews with genre regulars Michael Biehn, AJ Bowen and Briana Evigan, Elisabeth Moss on her psychochiller Queen of Earth, and more!

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Briana Evigan Burning Bright interview (August 27, 2010)

D. Kerry Prior The Revenant Part One (August 24, 2012)


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The Victim review (August 23, 2012)

When Animals Dream review (August 28, 2015)

The Final Destination review (August 28, 2009)

X-Ray/Schizoid Blu-ray review (August 22, 2013)

AJ BowenYou're Next and Among Friends interview (August 23, 2013)