Dust Off Your Necronomicon, Deadites! THE EVIL DEAD Is Returning To Theaters This October

Nationwide 40th Anniversary screening this Fall

By FANGORIA Staff · July 12, 2021, 7:21 PM EDT
Evil Dead header.jpg
THE EVIL DEAD (1981) is back on the big screen this October.

To celebrate its 40th anniversary THE EVIL DEAD is returning to the big screen with an exclusive nationwide screening, including a groovy new introduction by Bruce Campbell. The screening will take place on October 7, and tickets go on sale August 13. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Bruce Campbell says, "I would not call it the 40th anniversary, I would call it the 42nd anniversary. There's always a difference between when the movie actually got shot and when it came out. And with Evil Dead, it was about two or three years difference, because we filmed it in 1979, so we're coming up on 42-odd years later. But it's fun to celebrate it!"

Visit Fathom Events for tickets and full details.

Whet your appetite with THE EVIL DEAD trailer below, and whatever you do... don't read aloud from The Necronomicon.