Ryan La Sala’s Horror Novel THE HONEYS Is Becoming A Movie

Anonymous Content has teamed with the author to adapt his best-seller.

By Ryan Scott · @RyanScottWrites · February 27, 2023, 3:47 PM PST

Ryan La Sala is making the jump from best-selling author to executive producer of a horror movie destined for the big screen. As reported by Deadline, La Sala’s novel The Honeys is being developed by the folks at Anonymous Content as a movie, with the author personally on board to produce the adaptation.

Details are currently a bit scarce beyond the fact that the book is being turned into a movie, though David Levine and Garrett Kemble are heading up the project for Anonymous. No word yet on who might wind up in the director’s chair, who will pen the screenplay, or who will star. That being the case, it seems safe to assume this one is in the fairly early stages. It’s no wonder the book is getting the movie treatment. NPR, Barnes & Noble, Publishers Weekly, and others named it as one of the best books of 2022, and it was a best-seller. As for the story at hand? The synopsis reads as follows:

“Mars awakens to his sister trying to kill him. He kills her instead. It’s an accident. They say she just went crazy. But Mars knows his sister. She was not crazy. Something scared her. Something at Aspen, the prestigious summer camp in the woods that she ran all the way home from. Now, Mars is going back to discover Aspen’s dark secrets for himself. Secrets guarded by a group of beautiful and terrifying girls known as the Honeys. He’ll soon learn the things we must really fear are bold enough to hunt in the light.”

Notably, the adaptation figures to put some LGBTQIA+ representation front-and-center, as Mars, the book’s main character, is queer. It has the makings of a welcome addition to the queer horror canon. La Sala took to Instagram shortly after the announcement was made to share some thoughts on the matter, saying the following:

“I’m ecstatic to share that The Honeys is being adapted for the big screen by Anonymous Content, with me serving as Executive Producer. Thank you, Anonymous Content for believing in Mars, the girls, and me… Getting something adapted has been a dream of mine since probably before I wanted to be published. I’ll always be an author first, but the visions I have for books never fit neatly in a binding. I’m excited to partner with Anonymous Content to break out the binding and show you all even more of The Honeys, Aspen, and whatever else the lace might bestow. Thank for everyone for believing in this story and it’s right to be told on such a huge scale, I love you all!”

The Honeys does not yet have a release date, but the book is readily available for those who are interested in diving into the source material.