A few days ago, a whoopsie occurred and the HBO Max app … well, it inadvertently revealed the release date for this highly-anticipated series. January 15th, said the app, and boy did this blunder not get past the bazillion eagle-eyed Last of Us fans who’ve been combing every square inch of the internet for any scrap of intel they can find about Craig Mazin’s forthcoming video game adaptation.

Today, HBO Max has released the first official poster for The Last of Us season one, and yes, it confirms that release date while also delivering what is, objectively, a simply great poster. Take a look:


This poster does everything it needs to: you’ve got your Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey), you’ve got your post-apocalyptic landscape that’s been decimated by the Cordyceps virus – hell, you even get a bit of that virus splashed across the title treatment. So far, every last bit of marketing and on-set photography we’ve seen from The Last of Us indicates that the people behind this series really understand how special this one is, and this poster is no exception. Pitch-perfect work.

For the uninitiated, The Last of Us takes place in a world that, yes, has been completely turned upside down by an outbreak of Cordyceps. This virus takes over the bodies of human hosts and turns them into killing machines, which poses quite the problem for our leads as they try to make it from one end of the country to the other without getting killed. Based on the Naughty Dog video game of the same name, The Last of Us comes to us from Chernobyl mastermind Craig Mazin, and stands every chance of being a massive hit for HBO Max when it drops in January. We can’t wait!

Stay tuned for further announcements and updates regarding The Last of Us as they roll in. In the meantime, go ahead and start planning your watch parties for January 15th, 2023. That day’ll be here before ya know it!

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