Nic Cage Will Hit The Beach (And More) In Psychological Thriller THE SURFER

In which Nic Cage will do what Nic Cage does best.

By FANGORIA Staff · May 18, 2023, 2:11 PM EDT

Hot on the heels of Renfield, Nic Cage is lining up his next few projects, and The Hollywood Reporter just tipped us off to his latest: an "elevated psychological thriller" by the name of The Surfer, from Vivarium director Lorcan Finnegan.

Slated to shoot later this year in Australia, the film sounds like it will feature Cage doing what Cage does best: slowly losing his mind while whooping the ass of people who take away his favorite things (see also: Mandy, Pig, etc).

Here's how THR's describing The Surfer:

"In The Surfer, when a man (Cage) returns to his beachside hometown in Australia, many years since building a life for himself in the U.S., he is humiliated in front of his teenage son by a local gang of surfers who claim strict ownership over the secluded beach of his childhood. Wounded, The Surfer decides to remain at the beach, declaring war against those in control of the bay. But as the conflict escalates, the stakes spin wildly out of control, taking The Surfer to the edge of his sanity."

Listen, Vivarium was a helluva lot of fun, and lord knows we're always down for another dose of Cage losing his shit on a bunch of violent assholes. Given that this one doesn't even begin shooting until September, it's likely we won't get a look at The Surfer for a hot minute, but we'll certainly be looking forward to it in the meantime.

Nothing further to report on The Surfer as of this writing, but stay tuned for further updates as they roll in!