IDW’s DARK SPACES Anthology Series Continues With GOOD DEEDS

Get ready for a comic book full of mysterious, dark secrets in need of unraveling.

By Ryan Scott · @RyanScottWrites · May 2, 2023, 4:37 PM EDT
GoodDeeds01_cvrA Cropped
Image courtesy of IDW

IDW is bringing the horror goods for you later this month, and we’ve got a little preview of what’s to come. The comic book publisher is bringing back its Dark Spaces anthology series for a brand new edition in the form of Dark Spaces: Good Deeds, which picks up where writer Scott Snyder and artist Hayden Sherman left off last summer when they kicked the whole thing off with Dark Spaces: Wildfire. This time around, we’ve got a new creative team tackling a brand new murder mystery. And we’ve got some preview art along with several covers for the first issue for you to check out.



For those unfamiliar, each entry in the Dark Spaces series is a fully contained, character-driven, standalone story featuring a different up-and-coming artist and promising young writer handpicked by Mr. Snyder. The latest series is written by filmmaker and author Che Grayson (Batman: Urban Legends) with art by Kelsey Ramsay (Joan Jett & the Blackhearts). Again, these folks were handpicked by Snyder, the man responsible for reinventing Batman for the modern era with The Court of Owls storyline, not to mention his horror-focused work such as Swamp Thing and American Vampire. As for the specific story at hand this time? The synopsis reads as follows.

“Dark Spaces: Good Deeds follows a mother, Rebecca, and her teenage daughter Cheyenne after they move to the historic town of St. Augustine, Florida. Cheyenne finds it hard to make friends in the towns’ close-knit community where outsiders feel unwelcome. As members of the town begin to die mysteriously one by one, Cheyenne and Rebecca find themselves in the middle of a 200-year-old secret that’s slowly unveiling itself.”



Diving into what we’ve got to share with you today, there are four variant covers for the first issue of Good Deeds. Not only that, but we’ve got several interior pages from the first issue, as well as a few process pages that showcase those same pages in progress.

For those who may be interested in circling back to Wildfire, the book has a pretty cool hook. It focuses on a crew of women from an inmate firefighting program who are risking their lives fighting a massive blaze. A new convict working with them discovers they’re just a few miles from her former associate’s abandoned mansion and proposes a plan to abandon their duties and hunt for those riches. The collected edition is currently available through IDW. As for the next edition of Dark Spaces? Be on the lookout beginning here in just a couple of weeks.

Dark Spaces: Good Deeds hits shelves on May 17.