Family dynamics, perfectionism, fantastic creature FX and a family crumbling just beneath the facade of a picture-perfect #goals social media presence. Hatching has a multitude of horrors on display, take your pick! Director Hanna Bergholm shines a spotlight on maternal instinct (and lack thereof) brought to life by Sophia Heikkilä and Siiri Solalinna in her acting debut as young gymnast Tinja.

Hatching offers a horrifically whimsical blend, like Jim Henson with a healthy dash of FANGORIA. Bergholm discusses bringing her creature to life with the expertise of animatronic designer and creature fx supervisor Gustav Hoegen (Star Wars: Episode VII/VIII.IX, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom) and navigating the satirical juxtaposition of Instagram vs Reality with stars Sophia Heikkilä and Siiri Solalinna.

is now playing at Sundance 2022, and will open in theaters and on digital/VOD April 29, 2022 from IFC Midnight.

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