Today, we're dusting off the VHS tapes, cranking up the synth music, and taking a wild ride back to the 80s. But we're not here to talk about the obvious classics like The Breakfast Club or E.T. We're diving deep into the depths of forgotten cinematic treasures, 25 movies that somehow slipped through the cracks of our collective memory.

  • My Science Project (1985)

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    We're all familiar with the “wacky science experiment gone bonkers” theme, but it was still relatively fresh in the 80s.

    When a high school student and his friend stumble upon a mysterious science project in a military junkyard, he unwittingly sets off a super explosive, wild, time-traveling adventure. Now, it's up to them to make things right.

  • Turk 182 (1985)

    Image Credit: 20th Century Fox.

    Move over, superheroes; there's a new masked crusader in town! This off-center drama, one of the first movies to receive a PG-13 rating, proves you don't need superpowers to take on City Hall.

    Follow Terry Lynch, a regular guy turned graffiti artist extraordinaire, as he fights for justice after his firefighter brother gets the short end of the firehose. With spray cans as his weapons, he shows those bureaucrats that justice has a creative side.

  • Seven Minutes in Heaven (1986)

    Image Credit: Warner Bros.

    Love, hormones, and a closet? Brace yourself for a hilariously awkward teenage romance in Seven Minutes in Heaven. Join Natalie and her close friends, Jeff and Polly, as they navigate the treacherous waters of love, emotions, and growing up. Will they come out strong or end up with a collection of embarrassing stories?

  • The Wildlife (1984)

    Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

    This film is the ultimate 80s teen movie with great characters. It's nothing too deep, just Bill and his new apartment, Jim with his rebellious shenanigans, Tom being Tom (crazy and lovable), and Anita and her fling with the older man, David. It has everything from awesome soundtracks to sparkling humor!

    The Wildlife comes with a whirlwind of emotions and a reminder that life in the 80s was like a mixed tape of laughter and craziness.

  • Fandango (1985)

    Image Credit: Warner Bros.

    It's 1971, the grooviest year at the University of Texas, Austin. A group of college buddies is on the brink of entering the real world —full of tedious responsibilities like jobs, marriage, and even the dreaded draft.

    But who needs all that when an epic adventure is waiting across the Mexican border? Find out what happens when these rebels decide to ditch their graduation party and embark on a wild escapade filled with hidden secrets and a desperate quest to relive the glory days of youth.

  • Dead End Drive-In (1986)

    Image Credit: New World Pictures.

    Ready for a cinematic pit stop? Dead End Drive-In takes us on a thrilling joyride to a drive-in theater-turned-prison camp when a young couple (Crabs and Carmen) gets trapped in this weird semi-dystopian world.

    While most prisoners don't care to escape because they have food and shelter, which is probably better than the outside, all Crabs wants to do is run.

  • Kansas (1988)

    Image Credit: Trans World Entertainment.

    Meet Wade Corey, a small-town dreamer on his way to a wedding who gets caught up in a bank robbery. As he dodges the law and deals with the robber, Doyle Kennedy, you'll be on the edge of your seat, wondering if there's any place like home when your home is full of trouble.

  • Haunted Honeymoon (1986)

    Image Credit: Orion Pictures.

    Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something… haunted? Haunted Honeymoon serves as a ghostly wedding extravaganza, a horror-comedy.

    Join radio star Larry Abbot as he's made to battle his neurotic speech defect by navigating a haunted mansion filled with hilarious spooks, scares, and more puns than you can shake a severed hand at. It's a wedding you won't forget, even if the ghosts try to make you.

  • Nightmares (1983)

    Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

    Turn off the lights, grab a bowl of popcorn, and prepare for a chilling night of horror and thrills. This anthology of spine-tingling stories will keep you on the edge of your seat.

    From terror in the suburbs to a showdown with a video game demon, a haunted ex-priest, and a happy family trying to exterminate the devil rodent, these tales will make you scream, laugh, and double-check the locks on your doors.

    10. The White Water Summer (1987)

  • The White Water Summer (1987)

    Image Credit: Columbia Pictures.

    Put on your hiking boots and join Alan, a shy teenager convinced by his parents to open himself up to adventures, as he embarks on a white-water rafting trip led by the enigmatic guide Vic. It's a journey that will test Alan's mettle, teach him about survival, and make him understand that nature is as thrilling as beautiful.

  • Wisdom (1986)

    Image Credit: 20th Century Fox and Cannon Films.

    Brought to life by the talented Emilio Estevez, making his smashing film debut, John Wisdom takes bad-boy status to a new level when he lands himself a felony for getting wasted and borrowing a car without permission.

    With no luck finding a decent job, John channels his inner Robin Hood and teams up with his fearless girlfriend to embark on an epic bank-robbing spree. But John's not keeping the loot for himself but shares the spoils with struggling farmers.

  • The Heavenly Kid (1985)

    Image Credit: Orion Pictures Corporation.

    What happens when a young man dies in a gnarly car accident? In The Heavenly Kid, he becomes a cosmic guardian angel to help another troubled teen.

    Bobby Fontana, the dead young man turned angel, helps Lenny Barnes overcome his anxiety and become more confident, only to discover that Lenny's his son. It's like the ultimate makeover, heavenly style.

  • The Night Before (1988)

    Image Credit: Kings Road Entertainment.

    This late-80s movie stars a young Keanu Reeves and Lori Loughlin in a fun, coming-of-age movie about the night before prom. A series of chaotic events in The Night Before, Winston Connelly and Tara Mitchel end up with unexpected, unpleasant surprises after Tara asks Winston out to prom.

    When he comes to a filthy alley, he has no memory of how he got there, why he's in a tattered tuxedo, or why someone wants him dead.

  • Author! Author! (1982)

    Image Credit: 20th Century Fox.

    Al Pacino, playing Ivan Travalian, takes a break from being a gangster to play a struggling playwright in Author! Author!

    This comedic drama dives into the wild world of Broadway, showcasing the challenges of juggling family drama and mounting a hit play. Even the toughest guys need a little laughter and creativity in their lives, and Ivan struggles to find these in his life after his wife leaves him with five kids.

  • Night of The Comet (1984)

    Image Credit: Atlantic Releasing Corporation.

    In this overlooked sci-fi-horror-comedy, zombies roam the Earth after a comet's flyby, and two sisters are ready to kick undead! It's like The Walking Dead meets a John Hughes movie, with big hair, neon colors, and unforgettable heroines. We know you'll love to see an apocalypse with a side of totally rad girl power!

  • Lady in White (1988)

    Image Credit: New Century Vista Film Company and Samuel Goldwyn Company.

    Set in the spooky 1960s, this supernatural mystery film will simultaneously give you the chills and warm your heart. The author narrates how, as a young boy, he got tangled up in a murder mystery and encountered a ghostly lady in white.

    As the killer stalks him for a while, he is drawn to the ghostly lady in white and even closer to the truth about their identity. The hauntingly beautiful film combines suspense, nostalgia, and the power of a good ghost story.

  • North Shore (1987)

    Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

    We're off to the sandy beaches of Hawaii! North Shore is a gnarly coming-of-age flick where a surfer from Arizona takes on the local wave-riding culture.

    However, he soon discovers that he has much to learn about the local culture and catching epic waves. As fate would have it, he makes a lifelong friendship with a famous surfboard shaper and discovers the true meaning of aloha.

  • The Big Picture (1989)

    Image Credit: Columbia Pictures.

    Nick Chapman takes us on a hilarious behind-the-scenes adventure in this satirical comedy-drama that exposes the cutthroat world of Hollywood.

    As a young filmmaker, he navigates Tinseltown's glitz, glamor, and absurdity while trying to keep his sanity intact. It's a wild ride filled with big dreams, bigger egos, and more laughs than you can imagine.

  • The Legend of Billie Jean (1985)

    Image Credit: Tri-Star Pictures.

    In this cult classic, Billie Jean (Helen Slater) becomes the ultimate teenage rebel when her brother faces injustice. She takes matters into her own hands, becoming a folk hero.

    After Hubie, a troublesome local teen, steals Billie's brother's bike, she turns to the authorities for help. But when justice is delayed, Binx is beaten up, and his bike is destroyed, and the fight for justice leads to a wild state-wide adventure.

  • Miracle Mile (1988)

    Image Credit: Hemdale Film Corporation.

    In Miracle Mile, Harry Washello receives a phone call warning him about a nuclear attack while he plans to make up for a missed date.

    While processing this new information, Harry tries to find Julie Peters, whom he recently fell in love with, and escape the chaos. It's a race against time that'll have you biting your nails till the end.

  • Odd Jobs (1986)

    Image Credit: TriStar Pictures.

    Odd Jobs takes us on a rollercoaster ride of misadventures. Four friends, desperate for cash and stumbling through one bizarre gig after another, decide to add one more man to the team and start a moving company together. But their path is filled with wacky encounters, side-splitting mishaps, a run-in with sordid competitors, and the mob.

    This hidden gem somehow slipped under the radar even with a great storyline, leaving us wondering why it didn't become a cult classic.

  • Solarbabies (1986)

    Image Credit: MGM Entertainment Co.

    In the realm of forgotten sci-fi flicks, we present to you Solarbabies. This film is about a mind-blowing post-apocalyptic adventure where a gang of rebellious orphaned teenagers stumbles upon a mysterious orb with magical powers. There are enough epic quests, dystopian landscapes, and futuristic visuals to transport you back to the glorious '80s.

    Although this gem boasts young talents like Jason Patric and Jami Gertz, the solar-powered babies were too ahead of their time to make a lasting impression.

  • The Ice Pirates (1984)

    Image Credit: MGM/UA Entertainment Co.

    Prepare to set sail into a galaxy where water is worth its weight in gold. Picture a ragtag crew of space pirates boldly seeking a legendary planet bursting with hidden water reserves. Now add swashbuckling action, out-of-this-world humor, and a touch of intergalactic romance.

    It's a recipe for pure entertainment! Yet, this interstellar adventure somehow slipped through the cracks like ice cubes melting in space.

  • Vibes (1988)

    Image Credit: Columbia Pictures.

    Meet Nick Deezy and Sylvia Pickel as two eccentric psychics roped into a quest for a hidden treasure. Their supernatural vibes, quirky humor, and a touch of 80s charm are enough to make this flick a blockbuster hit. But alas, it ended up on our list. Could their psychic powers have foreseen its fate?

  • Square Dance (1987)

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    Enter Square Dance, where Gemma and Rory are in a dance of love, self-discovery, and some good old-fashioned square dancing. Follow 13-year-old Gemma as she navigates the difficulties of city life, including falling for the intellectually disabled Rory.

    This tender drama should have tugged at heartstrings and left a mark on '80s cinema, but it was underappreciated.

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