You Can Read Vol. 1 Issue 11 Of FANGORIA Right Now!

And why wouldn't you?

By Fangoria Staff · May 11, 2021, 4:18 PM EDT
fango iss 11 header.jpg
The header of FANGORIA Vol. 1, Issue 11

Every Tuesday, we have a very special treat for you readers – we're publishing, in its entirety, a new issue of FANGORIA's original run. As of last week, we had Issues 1-10 of Volume 1 published, and today we're thrilled to publish Vol. 1 Issue 11, originally printed in February 1981.


  • Scanners returns from Issue 10 with a behind-the-scenes editorial on the film's special effects
  • Tobe Hooper's Funhouse makes the cover, with Rick Baker and Craig Reardon dissecting the makeups
  • A deep dive on Rob Bottin's werewolf transformation in The Howling
  • And the month of love preps readers for the looming release of My Bloody Valentine

Get the goods HERE.