A Hollywood Forever Cemetery double feature.

By Angel Melanson · @HorrorGirlProbs · August 10, 2022, 3:48 PM EDT
jenifers body 1.jpeg

Ever wanted to hang out in a cemetery until 2am, surrounded by a few hundred fellow fans quoting some lines to one of your favorite flicks, whilst snacking on a picnic spread beneath a summer moon? If you circled no, you can click right on out of here. However, if you circled yes, 1) we could probably be friends, 2) you are in luck! Cinespia is providing this exact experience August 20th, and this isn't just any cemetery... this is the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Get there early and stroll the grounds, paying your respects to Maila Nurmi AKA Vampira, Peter Lorre, Rudolph Valentino, and Johnny Ramone, just to name a few.

As part of their ongoing screening series, Cinespia is presenting a special double feature with Jennifer's Body and Death Becomes Her for a late-night picnic in a gorgeously unique setting (without the fear of getting thrown out after dusk, you graveyard ghouls).

The night will include the double feature, DJ, a dance party, giveaways, and a free photo booth. Now, this is not your average photo booth, these folks go real hard on the Cinespia photo booth opps. Please see Exhibit A from Aliens night:

aliens photo booth.jpeg
photo courtesy of margovonspooky

Like I said, they go hard. Another cool aspect- guests are encouraged to bring a picnic, so pack up your Thai food and Toastems, they also allow outside beer and wine (no hard liquor). I remember days of yore when the Cinespia Slumber Party was really and truly a slumber party, an all-night cemetery campout fest. I lasted for about three-ish movies, and woke up at dawn, covered in dew. Real bucket list fare. While you'll be gone before sunrise, spending (most of) the night within the gates of Hollywood Forever is still guaranteed a pretty magical evening. Get your tickets here.