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While all horror movies are scary, some are a little creepy, while others make it difficult to fall asleep at night because they’re so terrifying. If you’re searching for horror-fan-voted films that are as scary as possible, a user on a popular internet forum had the same desire. They asked other horror fans for their suggestions of horror films that will scare the living daylights out of you. Here are their best picks!

  • Candyman (1992)

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    If you look into a mirror and say "Candyman" three times, you could be haunted by a sinister spirit who haunts the housing projects of Chicago. This is the legend that's explored in the film, which for the protagonist, turns out to be very real. This one is bone-chilling and stays with you.

  • The Descent (2005)

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    On an adventurous vacation to a large underground cavern, friends descend into the darkness only to discover a clan of flesh-eating monsters await them. This horror film isn't only scary because of the monsters but also because of the secrets that reveal themselves during the group's horrible encounters underground.

  • The Ring (2002)

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    When an ambitious journalist comes across an ominous tape that claims anyone who watches it will die within seven days, she doesn't believe the myth until she gets a disturbing phone call where an eerie voice says, "Seven days," before hanging up. Can the journalist escape her terrible fate, or is she destined to die before the week is up?

  • Children of the Corn (1984)

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    Children of the Corn follows a young couple traveling through the remote midwestern landscape when they discover a young child's corpse. As they search for police, they happen upon a secluded farm town filled with children but with no adults in sight. As the couple learns more about the eerie village, it becomes more and more apparent that they're fighting for their lives.

  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

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    When a group of friends embarks on a trip to visit their grandfather's grave, they make a fateful pit stop at a family home that ends with terror. It turns out that the house next door is that of the infamous murderer Leatherface, who begins to pick off the group of friends one by one.

  • The Gallows (2015)

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    This found-footage horror film takes place in a school auditorium where a student died in a freak accident when he played the part of a man who died by hanging for a school production. Decades later, the vengeful spirit of the late student traps a group of new students in the auditorium to get his revenge.

  • Hell House LLC (2015)

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    After the tragic and mysterious deaths of a group of visitors at a haunted house, a crew of filmmakers pursues the truth when they visit the haunted house five years after the deaths. But what they uncover chills their bones and may even end their lives.

  • It (2017)

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    In this horror film based on the famous Stephen King novel, a terrifying clown named Pennywise emerges from a small town's sewers to haunt the children who live there every twenty-seven years. Can the kids fight off the evil clown, or will Pennywise win? It’s a frighteningly good tale.

  • I Spit on Your Grave (1978)

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    After a vicious group of men pursue a young woman and attack her sexually and physically, they leave her mangled body for dead. But she survives the horrific incident and decides to show each man a taste of what they did to her.

  • Jacob's Ladder (1990)

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    When a Vietnam veteran returns home from the war, he must contend with flashbacks and hallucinations that quickly take over his life. Can the vet escape the fate caused by his mind and return to the reality he once loved?

    What other terrifying horror films scared you silly?

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