Exclusive: LAMB Interview With Star Noomi Rapace And Director Valdimar Jóhannsson

Embracing and reconnecting with the animal within.

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Read This Exclusive Excerpt From Chuck Wendig's Latest Novel: DUST & GRIM

Welcome to the monster mortuary.

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Wild Women With Steak Knives: SPELLBINDER

(Janet Greek, 1988) Girl trouble


Introducing: Carlson Young

With her feature debut, THE BLAZING WORLD, the Texas-born actress & filmmaker wants to let audiences know who she is.

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The Horrors Of Capitalism In SQUID GAME And Beyond

If the killer doesn't get you, capitalism may.

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Watch Blumhouse Face The Shape Challenge Winner Get Murdered By Myers

HALLOWEEN KILLS superfan Mark Murtha.


BOULET BROTHERS Signing: Celebrating FANGORIA Issue #13 And DRAGULA Season 4


Exclusive: Vice Press Celebrates HALLOWEEN With New Print and Pins


Exclusive: Watch This Haunting Clip From LAMB

Not sure what's more strange, Maria's dreams or her reality.


Tony Todd Joins The Cast Of Upcoming Modern Slasher: STREAM

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ALTER and FANGORIA Present: Horror Movie Trivia

Put all your horror knowledge to good use for once!


Six Things To Know About Don Mancini's CHUCKY TV Series


Exclusive: THE OLD WAYS Gives Exorcism A New Twist

Watch two new exclusive clips.


Thomas Ligotti's Familiar Towns of Trauma

Conversations with "The great poet of unresolved trauma."

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The Gingold Files: October 18, 2021

We've reached deep into our archives to uncover the long lost work of a FANGORIA legend.