Howl At The Moon Alongside The First BLACKOUT Trailer

In which Larry Fessenden's werewolf movie shows off some of the goods.


Yup, CUCKOO Sounds Like It's Gonna Be Just As Weird As We Expected

In which we learn some intriguing new details about Tilman Singer's upcoming horror movie.


Nic Cage To Battle ARCADIAN's Mysterious Creatures In Theaters This April

Right after its SXSW premiere!


MEGAN 2.0 Will Be Arriving A Little Later Than Expected

Just a little, though!


The Second Half Of CHUCKY's Third Season Will Arrive In April

We texted, Chucky answered.


New GODZILLA X KONG: THE NEW EMPIRE Trailer Is Its Biggest Yet

Adam Wingard's Kaiju-palooza smashes its way into theaters next month.


Dylan Gelula Has Joined The Cast Of SMILE 2

Last seen killing it in DREAM SCENARIO, the actress will next appear in Parker Finn's highly-anticipated sequel.


Mike P. Nelson's TITAN Will Put Jessica Rothe & Kiana Madeira Through Hell In The Rainforest

The director behind V/H/S/85's best segment and 2021's awesome WRONG TURN has a new feature lined up.


The Kaiju Dynamic In GODZILLA X KONG: THE NEW EMPIRE Was Inspired By '80s Buddy-Cop Movies

In which Adam Wingard sheds a little light on Godzilla and Kong's forthcoming collaboration.


Dan Trachtenberg Is Following Up PREY With Another PREDATOR Movie

Get ready to enter the BADLANDS.


Ryan Coogler & Michael B. Jordan's Secretive Vampire Movie Lands At Warner Bros.

After a fierce bidding war, WB has landed one of Hollywood's most intriguing projects.


The Allegedly-Titled ALIEN: ROMULUS Is Now Officially Titled ALIEN: ROMULUS

The Xenomorph (or some new variation of it) will return on August 16th.


Noomi Rapace & Hunter Schafer Will Headline The Bizarre-Sounding PALETTE

First-time feature director Zach Strauss will direct from his Black List-approved script.


A QUIET PLACE: DAY ONE Just Got An Awesome First Trailer

How the A QUIET PLACE saga really begin? We'll find out this June.


Shhhh! Here's Two New Pics From A QUIET PLACE: DAY ONE

The A QUIET PLACE prequel hits theaters in June.