THE EXORCIST III Getting A 4K Upgrade From Scream Factory

The folks at Scream Factory have announced a 4K Ultra HD release of THE EXORCIST III, and it's coming our way in March.

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EVIL DEAD RISE Trailer Was A Small Fraction Of The Gore In Store

Director Lee Cronin promises lots of hardcore horror coming our way.


M3GAN Looks To Make A Killing This Weekend

Blumhouse and Universal appear to have a winner on their hands with M3GAN, which will kick off 2023 in style for horror on the big screen.


THE CONJURING 4 May Conclude The Franchise, Suggests James Wan

The franchise shepherd is currently working on THE CONJURING 4, but is that going to be it for the Warrens on the big screen?


In 2023, PALEOPHAGE Is Coming To Fill The DINO CRISIS Hole In Our Hearts

Indie developer Logan Chitwood has revealed a trailer for PALEOPHAGE, a new dinosaur survival game coming to Steam.


The Top 5 Biggest Horror Movies At The Box Office In 2022

From Marvel Comics adaptations to surprise original hits, we're counting down the highest-grossing horror movies of the year.


Rian Johnson Has Started Writing The Third KNIVES OUT Movie

GLASS ONION just hit Netflix, but Johnson is wasting no time with the next Benoit Blanc mystery.


MOOSE JAWS: Kevin Smith's 'JAWS But With A Moose' Is Actually Happening

Lionsgate is seemingly making this a reality after years of the filmmaker talking up the project.


The New ALIEN Movie Begins Filming In February

Director Fede Álvarez is set to begin shooting his ALIEN movie in the new year, with pre-production already underway.

65-1 Cropped

Adam Driver’s Dinosaur Movie 65 Will Now Hit Theaters One Week Later

Sony Pictures has bumped the release of 65, moving it away from SCREAM but putting it against SHAZAM! FURY OF THE GODS.

PurgeFrankGrillo (1)

THE PURGE 6 Has A Script, Will Bring Back Frank Grillo As Leo Barnes

Grillo shares an update on the status of the latest installment, currently coming together at Universal.


Sam Raimi Teaming With BARBARIAN Producer For Thriller DON’T MOVE

New horror flick coming from producer Sam Raimi, with Adam Schindler and Brian Netto at the helm.


Marvel Launching A New PREDATOR Comic (Again) In 2023

Writer Ed Brisson continues his adventures while offering readers a fresh jumping-on point.


Wrestling Horror Movie DARK MATCH Coming From WOLFCOP Director

Chris Jericho is set to headline the upcoming DARK MATCH, which has already wrapped production.


Queer Thriller Comic PARTY AND PREY Becoming A Movie At Legendary

The queer horror thriller PARTY AND PREY will be adapted for the screen by the director of CREEP and the writer of IZOMBIE.