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Leatherface is Canceled in New TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Trailer

The ninth entry in the series flirts with the modern era while echoing its origins.

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New TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Poster Soaks You In Sunlight

A slasher sulks among the sunflowers!


The Magic Is Back: John Larroquette To Narrate New TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE

The Netflix sequel/requel/legacy what-have-you gets off on the right foot.


The Horror Movie Cary Joji Fukunaga Snuck Into NO TIME TO DIE

The filmmaker who was originally set to helm Stephen King’s IT found a spot to give us the creeps in the latest James Bond movie.


The Fango Fantastic Fest Diaries - Days Six & Seven

Of hellbenders, Kingcasts and blasphemous nuns.

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The Fango Fantastic Fest Diaries - Day Five

We took a field trip and saw two great films!

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The Fango Fantastic Fest Diaries - Day Four

A new folk horror classic, a momentous meeting, and a game show!


The Fango Fantastic Fest Diaries - Day Three

Festival goers were treated to an early look at THE BLACK PHONE, a front-runner for 2022's best horror film.


The Fango Fantastic Fest Diaries - Day Two

Eating disorder horror, an abuela with a shotgun, and Edgar Wright too!


The Fango Fantastic Fest Diaries - Day One

Hitting the ground (eventually) in Austin, our EIC reports on his findings at this year's essential genre fest.

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Don't Look In The Basement

Horror knows where a homeowner's darkest fears are stored.


SATAN'S SERVANT: The Horror Film Made By Teens For $2000

While their peers are making 30-second TikToks, these 18-year-olds just dropped their first feature on streaming.


You Need To Hear Flula Borg Talk About CARRIE

THE KINGCAST has bestowed a great gift upon us this day, as the SUICIDE SQUAD star discusses De Palma's classic.


MALIGNANT Trailer Asks "What If DROP DEAD FRED Was Horror?"

James Wan emerges from the DCEU to ask the tough questions — and to scare us silly.

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You Need To Calm Down About The HALLOWEEN KILLS Trailer "Spoilers"

A plea for reason from people who want to help you.