I Am Not A Witch (2017) 1

11 Entries In The Black Folk Horror Tradition

A Black Folk Horror watchlist.


CANDYMAN Turns 30: A Love Letter

Celebrating Bernard Rose's iconic film 30 years later.


THE KEEPER Comes Home: An Interview With The Creative Team Behind The New Graphic Novel

Tananarive Due, Steven Barnes, Marco Finnegan, and John Jennings discuss their new project

society 5

Be(ware) The Swallowing: Cults In SOCIETY And THE SACRAMENT

Approaching the cult as a devouring entity.


14 Films That Explore The Horrors Of Retail

Breaking down retail horrors from malls to grocery stores, a fashion house, and other spaces of commerce.

teeth 2007

Be(ware) The Swallowing: Vagina Dentata in JAWS & TEETH

Stay out if you don’t want to get bit.

NOPE-1 (1)

On NOPE, Impossibility, And The Sublime

How Jordan Peele’s third feature makes the impossible possible.


Celebrating 50 Years Of BLACULA

What we owe to William Crain, William Marshall, and the silver screen's first Black vampire.

cat people 4

Be(ware) The Swallowing: Cats In THE BLACK CAT And CAT PEOPLE

“In her hats are many bats, for spending all her dough on cats.”


Be(ware) The Swallowing: Goo Is Gonna Get You In The Blob And The Stuff

The sticky history of slime horror.


Be(ware) The Swallowing: Hungry Homes In THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE And HOUSE

Not all homes are haunted — some are hungry.

hair wolf3.jpg

Be(ware) The Swallowing: Body Snatchers in SPELL, GET OUT, & HAIR WOLF

Diving into the realm of the interior with a consumption of the Self occurring at the psychic level.


MASTER Is About More Than White Terror: An Interview With Mariama Diallo

Injecting the Black gaze into the cinematic medium.


NANNY And Malleable Horror: A Conversation With Sundance Grand Jury Winner Nikyatu Jusu

Incorporating African folklore for a celebration of the beauty and brilliance of the African diaspora.

ginger snaps.png

Be(ware) The Swallowing: Werewolves In THE BEAST MUST DIE And GINGER SNAPS

The shift in the pathology of werewolf transformation (and appetite) through the ages.