Young Director crowdfunds 16mm Cavewomen slasher,”THE B.C. BUTCHER”


A great deal of the crowdfunding-centric nods we write about at Fango and many of the horror publications tend to be campaigns by established filmmakers whose projects aren’t attracting the necessary funding (see: Stuart Gordon). To be fair though, while the likes of Kickstarter and Indiegogo are for everyone looking to operate outside of rules, there’s a lot of young, up-and-coming talent often failing to break through. Which is why the proposal of Kansas Bowling’s delightfully insane shot-on-16mm prehistoric slasher might feel so necessary.

Brought to our attention by Devin Faraci at Badass Digest, who met the young filmmaker at Los Angeles’ Son of Monsterpalooza this weekend, THE B.C. BUTCHER is succinctly described as “a girl-gang slasher film set in prehistoric times.” Further down the synopsis however, it’s clear the 17 year-old Bowling is looking to create something even more singular than a slasher set farther back than any before it.

THE B.C. BUTCHER will concern a tribe of cavewomen who sacrifice one of their own for betrayal. “Later on in the script, a monster finds Dina’s dead body and falls in love with her. The monster wants to avenge her death and spends the film picking off the cavewomen responsible for Dina’s death one by one. But the fun won’t end there! Not only will this film have cavewomen and a prehistoric creature, it will feature amputations, decapitations, buff men in loincloths, psychedelic dream sequences, a live performance by The Ugly Kids, and much, much, much more!!!”

The promise of a gory, psychotronic, 16mm prehistoric slasher powered by raw rock and helmed by new talent seems far too exciting to deny. Bowling and her team—including co-writer Kenzie Givens; stars Leilani Fideler, Alexis Codding, Colette Stone, Annie Milligan, Lauren Crowell; and narrator Kadeem Hardison—are looking for the comparatively micro budget of $10,000. You can find the first scene of the B.C. BUTCHER (said sacrifice and fetus chewing) below, and help out at IndieGogo. [Thanks, Badass!]

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