You’ll eat up “CANNIBAL FEROX” on Grindhouse’s new Blu-ray set!


Grindhouse Releasing, which has given the hi-def disc treatment to CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST and THE BEYOND (the latter now streeting March 24), has Umberto Lenzi’s CANNIBAL FEROX coming next to Blu-ray in a three-disc set. Read on for the complete specs and cover art.

A.k.a. MAKE THEM DIE SLOWLY, CANNIBAL FEROX (to be released May 12) was shot on location in the Amazon jungle and was banned in 31 countries for its extreme gore content. HOLOCAUST’s Robert Kerman, CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD’s Giovanni Lombardo Radice (a.k.a. John Morghen) and Lorraine De Selle star in this saga of three Americans who travel to the wilds of South America to disprove the existence of cannibalism and discover how very wrong they are, thanks to a pair of drug dealers who have aroused the ire of a local tribe. Grindhouse’s new 2K transfer, scanned from the original camera negative, of the unrated, uncensored director’s cut (with deleted footage lost for over 30 years and never before seen on home video), will be backed by a digital stereo remix by Oscar-winner Paul Ottosson, with an optional Italian soundtrack and the original mono audio. The movie will be supplemented across two Blu-rays with the following:

• Candid and shocking audio commentary by Lenzi and Morghen
• Provocative, in-depth interviews with Lenzi, actors Radice, Danilo Mattei and Zora Kerowa and special FX master Gino De Rossi
• EATEN ALIVE! THE RISE AND FALL OF THE ITALIAN CANNIBAL FILM, an all-new feature-length documentary containing interviews with Lenzi, Ruggero Deodato, Sergio Martino, Radice and Kerman
• Original Italian, German and U.S. theatrical trailers
• Extensive gallery of stills and poster art
• Glossy 12-page booklet containing liner notes by legendary 42nd Street historian Bill Landis (author of SLEAZOID EXPRESS) and Eli Roth (director of HOSTEL and THE GREEN INFERNO)

Plus more surprises, and a bonus CD containing the original soundtrack by Budy-Maglione, newly remastered in stunning 24 bit/96khz sound from the original studio master tapes, and including never-before-released alternate takes. The whole thing will be packaged in an embossed slipcover and retails for $39.95; you can pre-order it at Diabolik DVD (for just $25.99) and Amazon.com.


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