“WRECKER” driving in from “AMERICAN MARY” producers/distributor


A killer vehicle is roaring toward us from IndustryWorks Pictures and XLrator Media, who previously collaborated on the cult fave AMERICAN MARY.

XLrator announced today that it has picked up U.S. distribution rights to WRECKER, targeting a summer 2015 release on its Macabre label; IndustryWorks will release in Canada. Directed by THE DEVIL’S GROUND’s Michael Bafaro, WRECKER stars THE CABIN IN THE WOODS’ Anna Hutchison and Drea Whitburn; the synopsis: “Best friends Emily and Lesley take a road trip to a music festival in the desert. Emily ‘borrows’ her boyfriend’s Mustang GT to make things exciting, but the partying ends when they find themselves pursued by a seemingly psychotic truck driver, who forces them to play a deadly game of cat-and-mouse. With an unknown evil force bearing down on them and a long stretch of deserted highway ahead, their idyllic road trip becomes their worst nightmare.” Says XLrator’s Barry Gordon, “Evoking such classics as Steven Spielberg’s DUEL and Stephen King’s MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE, WRECKER’s monster-truck-from-hell will thrill and terrify audiences and make them reconsider that summer road trip.”

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