Wizard Studios Brings Sleazy “PMS COP” to Full Moon Streaming


Charles Band’s newly minted WIZARD Studios imprint, an extension of his colorful and influential home video label from the early 1980’s, has been quietly making good on its mandate for months. That is, to acquire a selection of high quality microbudget horror and fantasy films to stream via his FullMoonStreaming.com and – eventually – premiere on DVD. The first wave of films included such fare as VILANELLE, VAMPIE and the stunning winter-set giallo VIRGINIA OBSCURA. But WIZARD’s latest pick-up is something extra odd and spectacularly tasteless: PMS COP!

PMS COP is a throwback to crass action/horror potboilers of the 1980s with a feminist twist. “Caught on camera brutally beating a clown rapist, police officer Mary Collins is informed by her commanding officer that she needs counseling. Her therapist quickly concludes that she suffers from “extreme PMS” and enrolls her in a drug trial for the new menstrual wonder drug.
Mary responds positively until a devastating incident throws her into a monstrous drug-induced killing frenzy. Soon everyone who comes into contact with the PMS cop realizes it IS her time of the month.”

PMS COP will be available soon at Full Moon Streaming. In the meantime, check out another new WIZARD flick MEATEATERS, a ludicrous camp effort about a carnivorous dinosaur monster that’s hungry and horny…


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