Win “NIGHTMARE CITY” on Blu-ray!


If it’s irradiated athletic blood swilling zombie monsters ye be seeking, look no further than Umberto Lenzi’s riotous 1980 Italian horror classic NIGHTMARE CITY (aka CITY OF THE WALKING DEAD), the post-DAWN OF THE DEAD Euro-shock rip-off mess-terpiece that the legendary Lenzi still swears is not a zombie movie.

Whatever your take on its mozzarella-faced infected ghouls, there’s no denying that NIGHTMARE CITY is a sonic blast of greasy, gory thrills, done in the bare bones, unaffected style that has made Lenzi a household name when it comes to terror.

RARO Video continue their quest to bring the best and bloodiest Italian horror – both celebrated and obscure – to Blu in gorgeous form and their treatment of NIGHTMARE CITY is no exception. Previous releases of the picture have been washed out affairs, but here, in RARO’s fine new edition, the stage blood leaps from the screen. It’s lovely. As is the package itself, buoyed by a great Lenzi interview, trailers, English and Italian language dubs and perhaps a bit too over-enthusiastic liner notes from yours truly…

FANGORIA has a stack of NIGHTMARE CITY Blus ready to throw at you, our loyal flock. Wanna win one?

Email chris@fangoria.com with the following statement in the subject line: I LOVE HUGO STIGLITZ’S BEARD!

Winners will be chosen at random. Long may Lenzi’s non-zoms run…

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