Win “HOUSE OF BAD” or “THE INFLICTED” From Osiris Entertainment


Haunted Houses or murderous psychos? Pick your poison from Osiris!

Three sisters on the run with a suitcase full of stolen heroin hide out in their childhood home, which is haunted by the ghosts of their parents.  The murderous father manipulates his daughters from beyond the grave, while the victimized mother attempts to intervene.  HOUSE OF BAD is a creepy, taut ghost story.

David O’Hara is a troubled medical student who kidnaps, rapes and murders women. He impregnates one of his victims, Melissa Daniels, in an attempt to replace the family that he lost as a young boy. However, the police rescue Melissa from David’s warehouse, and David goes on a murderous rampage to get his family back.  THE INFLICTED is a truly disturbing look inside the psyche of a serial sex killer.

To enter, email fangoria.prizes@yahoo.com with Osiris in the subject line. Include your name and address, and which film you’d prefer!

Good Luck!

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