Win Artist Brian Steward’s “FRIDAY THE 13TH” and “RE-ANIMATOR” Posters, Signed by Talent!


Artist and devout monster movie lover Brian Steward recently graced the pages of our GOREZONE #29 with an original piece of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST artwork, serving as our centerfold poster. Now, Steward has taken some of his coolest works and not only made select prints available to our readers to win, but has arranged to have them blasted with our logo – marking them as limited edition – and signed, as well.

Readers can now win a Steward original FRIDAY THE 13th poster, some signed by actor Ari Lehman and some scribbled on by Victor Miller. If that doesn’t thrill ya, how about a signed RE-ANIMATOR Steward sketch signed by producer and horror legend Brian Yuzna?

We have quantities of both—also inked by Steward himself—and want to send ‘em to you, so that you may deface your boring white walls to epic effect.

To win, email chris@fangoria.com with the words, “BRIAN STEWARD FOR PRESIDENT!” in the subject line, and the poster you want to win in the body of the email. Kindly provide your name and mailing address, as well.

Winners will be chosen at random, but first come, first served.

For more on Brian’s work, stay tuned to FANGORIA.com for more Steward prints, soon to be available in our store!

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