THE POSSESSION OF MICHAEL KING dips its toe into the world of the occult, necromancy, demonology and things that go ‘bump’ in the night. With a clever script and a great performance by Shane Johnson (Michael King), the film delivers some genuine scares and demonic horror. In celebration of David Jung’s directorial debut, Anchor Bay Films is giving a lucky FANGORIA reader a POSSESSION OF MICHAEL KING t-shirt to proudly wear and be the envy of all others.Disillusioned after the death of his wife, Michael King, (Shane Johnson) decides to create a documentary that proves once and for all if God or Satan really do exist.

In a bold move, Michael decides to make himself the subject of the experiment, enduring a series of severe and sometimes horrifying rituals performed by demonologists, necromancers, and various aficionado’s of the occult.

In the hope of proving once and for all that the existence of the supernatural is a myth, documentary footage chronicles the fall of this once well-adjusted skeptic, into a darker and more nefarious personality, as he is slowly taken over by demonic forces.

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