The FANGORIA office just received one of those super sweet MERMAID IN A MANHOLE shirts from Phantom Pain Films.  FANGORIA is giving it away to one very lucky fan that loves this sick little film as much as we do!

MERMAID IN A MANHOLE is one of the notorious GUINEA PIG films that came out of Japan during the 80s and 90s. These films were known to push the limits of gore to the extreme. MERMAID IN A MANHOLE tells the story of a man who finds an ailing, decaying mermaid in a sewer. Feeling sorry for her, he does what any kind-hearted citizen would do- he takes her home with him, puts her in his bathtub, and paints her portrait using her own fetid bodily fluids.

The t-shirt features the artwork that was used on the 2002 US DVD release which has long been out of print. We only have one size here: XL. For more info on MERMAID IN A MANHOLE or the entire GUINEA PIG series, check out the new GOREZONE for extensive coverage the films’ legacy.

Want to win this wonderfully nasty t-shirt? Send an email to Rebekah@fangoria.com

Please put MERMAID IN A MANHOLE in the subject line, and include the following info:

• Your name

• Mailing address

• Email address

• Age

• Phone Number

Be sure to check out Phantom Pain for more info, or to purchase your own shirt The contest will stay open for ten days. One winner will be selected at random.

Thanks and best of luck!


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