Will a new “FRIDAY THE 13TH” be a sequel to 2009′s?


Busy times for FRIDAY fans, indeed. As all current twelve films near release in a tidy box set from Warners, the theatrical rights have returned to Paramount where all are curious just what they’ll do with a new go at it. Now, word comes that a continuation of the Platinum Dunes redo seems probable.

Bloody Disgusting caught up with Derek Mears — who most recently played Jason in the 2009 film — who had this to say: “I spoke to Brad Fuller and he said that the rights are, as everyone knows, over at Paramount and they’re pushing hard. They’re going we want [a new Friday The 13th movie] as fast as possible.”

No hard confirmation, but the Marcus Nispel-directed reboot was both fun and back-to-basics with a fantastic turn from Mears as the beloved slasher. Now, if Fuller & Co. do take it on, will we finally get the rumored Jason in the snow sequel? [Bloody]

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  • Creep

    The reboot sucked hard!

  • S

    Jason in the snow sequel?
    What the jason in the snow sequel?

  • Swerq

    Either way, I’ll check it out.

  • chris hayes

    Please do a sequel to the remake & not start fresh again !

  • magnoliafreak6

    I hope that they start fresh so we can all forget that Platinum Dunes crapfest. I say keep it in the 80s, give us at least 15-20mins of Mrs Voorhees as the perp, hot girls and guys in knee high tube socks, surprising jump scares (that are not false alarms), some good chase scenes, a lot of flashy, creative, violent choppy/stabby deaths, Harry Manfredini score and Friday the 13th logo title sequence. That’s it! Follow those ingredients and you can’t possibly fuck it up!

  • Ric Case

    Ditch Platinum Dunes. Ditch EVERY MOVIE after The Final Chapter. I’ve been a fan of the series since day one and everybody that loves this series knows parts 1-4 are THE BEST !!!! I also heard something about Corey Feldman returning to pick up after The Final Chapter. Jason vs. Jarvis. I think that would be the smartest approach. No “found footage” or snow setting which I was hearing and definitely no sequel to the 2009 remake please and most of all—make it creepy scary like 1-4.

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