What’s in the Chili? Submit a Family Recipe and Win “WE ARE WHAT WE ARE”!


You may not know, but WE ARE WHAT WE ARE (one of the best horror films of the year) and its source material, Jorge Michel Grau’s film of the same name, concern cannibals. They’re not exactly raving lunatics, backwoods variety, but instead a bit more solemn; the consuming of flesh reserved for an annual holiday dinner. Speaking of, we’re in the midst of a season of annual holiday dinners, are we not? We’d like you to capitalize on that and win a Blu-ray of Jim Mickle’s excellent WE ARE WHAT WE ARE and an official apron (see below).

FANGORIA would like you to take to Instagram and submit a family recipe, using the hashtag #WAWWA for a chance to win the aforementioned prizes. Whether it be a photo of the recipe, or the completed dish, is entirely your prerogative. Whether you would like to bribe me with whatever baked goods come out of this, is also entirely your prerogative.

WE ARE WHAT WE ARE is on Blu-ray and DVD January 7, 2014. For more on the fantastic film, see our review here.

wawwa gift


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