Watch the First Five Minutes of Argentinian Neo-Giallo, “SONNO PROFONDO (DEEP SLEEP)”

Contemporary giallo is a fascinating, often exhilarating thing. As the beloved genre is currently seeing a revival, be it in small stylistic nods or all-out throwback, the current incarnations are more interesting than average subgenre homage. Possibly because giallo is so steeped in style, design and psychosexual leanings, the current crop aren’t tediously adhering to formula. In some cases, they’re using it to subvert expectations and craft something wholly unique (BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO). Others are using it as opportunity for spoof (THE EDITOR). Filmmakers like AMER and STRANGE COLOUR… duo Hélène Cattet & Bruno Forzani, meanwhile, are fetishizing its aesthetic into experiment and stylistic overload. Argentinian filmmaker Luciano Onetti falls in with the latter, and you can get a taste of his work with the first five minutes of the upcoming SONNO PROFONDO (DEEP SLEEP). 

I first saw SONNO PROFONDO last November at Mexico’s fantastic Morbido Fest. I loved it, and possibly even more so because I experienced it without subtitles. Onetti takes POV of a killer and pushes and pushes until much of the film is lensed through it. It’s an odyssey for the giallo devotee and I hope it finds a nice audience here in the U.S.

BrinkVision is releasing SONNO PROFONDO on Limited Edition DVD this August 26th, and a very limited VHS on September 23rd (only 200 copies of the red tape will be produced). You can find its official synopsis and the film’s opening, below.

After killing a young woman, a murderer traumatized by memories of his childhood receives a mysterious envelope under his door. The hunter becomes prey when he discovers that the envelope contains photographs of him killing her.

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