Vote for FANGORIA in the 2014 Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards!


The nominations in the twelfth annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards have been revealed, and FANGORIA and GOREZONE and their contributors are amongst the many stellar filmmakers, authors, journalists and artists up for the honor!

Honoring the best in “classic horror research, creativity and film preservation,” the Rondos celebrate those monster kids keeping classic horror alive and in conversation. FANGORIA is proud to be nominated and congratulate our many hardworking, genre-loving staffers and contributors who make the magazine and everything in it possible.

Below, find a full list of awards FANGORIA and GOREZONE are eligible for. If you’d like to vote, e-mail your picks to taraco@aol.com by Sunday, May 5.



– ‘Killer Thriller,’ by Pat Jankiewicz, FANGORIA #326-327. Revisiting the John Landis/Michael Jackson video, which looms more influential than ever.

– ‘Shanks for the Memories,’ by Susan Svehla and Michael Gingold, FANGORIA #325. How William Castle and Marcel Marceau teamed on Castle’s last film.


– Chris Alexander interview with Barbara Steele about Mario Bava, Black Sunday, Dan Curtis and more. FANGORIA #320.

– Shade Rupe interview with William Friedkin, 40th anniversary of The Exorcist.FANGORIA #332.

• BEST THEMED ISSUE: FANGORIA #328, Roger Corman tribute.


– Diary of the Deb, by Debbie Rochon, FANGORIA.

– Tales From The Attic, by Tim Lucas, GOREZONE

And Finally, BEST MAGAZINE COVER for Ama Lea’s fantastic art and photography for FANGORIA #328 (pictured, below).

For the full list of nominees, see the Rondo Hatton Awards.


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