Video Premiere: Puppet Bloodbath in Moon Bounce’s “Shake”


In anticipation of the upcoming DRESS REHEARSAL EP, Philadelphia-based electronic producer Moon Bounce has teamed with director Andrea Youth to put a vicious, warped spin on decidedly dreamy, dancey tune, “Shake,” and FANGORIA is happy to provide your first glimpse.

Taken from the forthcoming release, the video for “Shake” gels quite nicely with the rest of EP’s themes, as Corey Regensburg (Moon Bounce) tells Fango, “’Shake,’ along with the rest of the EP, explores masochism and sadism as a cycle. I wanted to find a powerful and explicit way to visually represent those themes while maintaining a sense of humor. I think the work Andrea did with the puppets is a perfect realization of that goal.”

Youth adds, “One day I found this charity shop close to Notting Hill (London). It had a basement full of dusty DVDs at special prices. I remember having found this collection of Alfred Hitchcock and when the idea for the video came up, it was just a few days after I saw PSYCHO. Another inspiration for the script definitely came from AMERICAN PSYCHO. I think it’s really interesting, the way normal people can hide deeply insane instincts. That’s what I wanted to show with this video: just a story about a normal, disturbed guy.”

And that’s seemingly what’s on hand as a sensibly sweatered puppet man plans a deadly date, below.

DRESS REHEARSAL is out February 25th on Grind Select.

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