Update Rundown: “X-FILES” Comic Prequel, “FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE GAME”


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If only one show can be called the pinnacle of the horror TV experience, then X-FILES has surely earned that title dozens of times over. Even after the show was taken off the air, Detectives Scully and Mulder’s legacy continued in movies, a mini-series, and of course, comic books. Continuing on IDW’s successful comic run, the comic company has released a four issue comic run titled X-FILES: ORIGINS.

That’s right kids! Mulder and Scully have been miniaturized and have taken the reader back to the detectives early days of teenage ghost hunts and alien abductions. While the two will not be working together (staying true to the original X-FILES story line where they first meet on the introduction episode), the creators Matthew Dow Smith and Jody Houser promise a unique way of tying the two teensters together.


In an interview with Newsrama, the authors go into a bit of detail of their 13-year-old personalities. Scully, a recent transplant from Annapolis to San Diego, is a smart tomboy who only has her faith to keep her afloat while Mulder is spending his summer dealing with the aftermath of his sister disappearance. Both soon discover that there are mysteries bigger than their own personal issues and armed with flashlights and bicycles, they hit the streets in classic X-FILES fashion. The authors also go on to say that while X-FILES: ORIGINS will definitely appeal to original fans, the title itself is classified as Young Adult, so grab a few extra copies for the kids, nieces, and nephews.

In video game news, after nearly ten months of wait and Kickstarting, FRIDAY THE 13TH has finally released a complete trailer of the game at this previous weekends Penny Arcade Expo. The preview shows a collection of gruesome kills, ranging from eye gouging to pitch fork stabbings to death by fireplace, all initiated by the lead, Jason Voorhees. While there is no footage of actual gameplay, the creators promise an immersive experience.

The game is set at Camp Crystal Lake and will be a multiplayer experience where one player is Jason and the others are counselors attempting to survive Jason’s reign of terror. While there is no word yet if the game will have a single-player option, the creators are promising to work on it depending on the popularity of the initial game. Check out the trailer below; FRIDAY THE 13TH is currently scheduled for release on X-Box One, PS4, and PC in October.

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